Aloha from Miami, FL

Welcome back to the blog In Fine Fettle readers,

For those that are staying social with me through social media, you know already I’ve spent almost 4 weeks here in Miami, FL. For those that don’t know, on Feb 5th Kip, Obi and I took the 20 hour road trip from Detroit, MI. Now, every day falling more in love with the area and every day the thoughts about leaving getting harder and harder.

It’s not all fun and games though, I did sign a 4 week nursing contract at one of the local hospitals where I work 4 nightshifts a week (truthfully more shifts than I’d like but beggars cant be choosers right lol).

Everyday I am reminded that I am truly blessed with this experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I know I say I work more than I’d like… but it’s not without saying that I do love what I do. I am fortunate to love my career and travel the U.S. while doing it.

I wish we lived in a world where more people had the opportunity, the freedom to choose such a life for themselves.

I am an optimistic person but not so naive to believe everyone can share this same fate… at least not without a cost. Because sometimes life happens and sometimes we learn certain lessons a little too late and sometimes we just have to do what we can to get by.

We each are in different areas of our lives. Each on a different path.

If you’re in this season of life I mentioned above, then I pray you have a faith that keeps you grounded. I pray that you can still see Gods hand in the midst of every circumstance you ever face and may you always be reminded of your blessings even on the days the blessings do not seem so clear.

For those that are in a season of life where the choices are endless, maybe even somewhat overwhelming, I hope you chase your dreams!

I beg you to job shadow and take it seriously. Get experience, be sure if you do decide to go to college that you’re pursuing a career you WANT, not just something that will pay the bills.

If the time comes when all your friends are going off to college but you still don’t know what you want… it is okay to stay behind, at least for a period. Your career is not something you want to chase halfway… you’ll spend more time in your career than anywhere else so you should enjoy it! And although some people might, I do not recommend wasting tens of thousands of dollars going to college and hoping to find your way eventually.

Please, take my advice and do not rush into college, do not rush into anything you’re unsure about.

Whatever the circumstance, it is never too late for change.



I listened to this awesome sermon from Andy Stanley that I’ll link here which, is about relationships but I find there’s so much more beneath the surface.

In the sermon, Andy brings up one of his close friends who is moving into his second marriage (same with this finance of his, her second marriage as well). Well, this couple started counseling other couples who were moving into their second marriages as well for whatever reason and what he said about it has never really left me…

He said that the hardest thing to convince couples of is, “time is your friend.”

Hm, lets stop and think about this for a minute. Lets move away from relationships and lets take this picture more broad… think about well, all aspect of your life.

We the people HATE WAITING.

We live in this world that is so fast pace, everyone always focusing on the next thing and often times forgetting to just be present.

Let me tell you that once upon a time I had a plan… I would work as a nurse in Detroit for a year and a half and then start seeking travel opportunities. Within the year I was going to probably marry the man of my dreams. After a year of traveling I would have a home I’d spend most of my time in. Then 2-3 years after that we would extend our family with tiny blessings.

Then a world pandemic happened and God decided he had different plans for my life.

I started a career in travel nursing after only a years experience, I’m single, I’ve sworn off any relationship for at least a year so now the idea of marriage and kids seem further than ever.

I know the culture that we live in. When most people get offset by there plans of how things were suppose to go they are quick to jump into the next thing… instead of taking time. Time to really focus on yourself. With time comes growth and healing but I know you’re smart and you already knew that.

Y’all, this world is and always will be in a flux. Nothing here on earth will ever remain stagnant. Not your relationships, not your current circumstances.

For some that may give you a sense of hope and for others maybe a sense of fear.

I tell you that to remind you that if you’re looking for something, for someone who will always remain constant and I know that you are because its something each of us desires, than choose to look up.

Go out today, this week and remember that only God is constant. God is peace… TRUE peace and he is love. The only one who can truly satisfy and fulfill all your desires.

Sometimes the season of waiting can be difficult, I know I have always had a hard time with it but trust His plan. I pray you will be reminded that God’s timing is always perfect and He does know what is best for your life. No matter what adversity you are facing or you will face up ahead, believe He is orchestrating every second of it.

Think back to the story of David, a man you would never expect sworn by God to be the next king of Israel. Yet, David didn’t just hear this prophecy and become king the next day… no. David had to wait somewhere over 15 years for Gods promise to come true. The wait wasn’t without trials, David was hated by Saul (the current king in place) because Saul feared his successor. David had to go through a lot of trials and stipulations before he could be king.

At first, travel nursing brought a lot of fear. Truthfully, being single again brought a lot of fear. Signing 4 week contracts, unsure what the next month might bring. Moving to unfamiliar territories and being surrounded by unfamiliar faces, worried what would happen if I start to feel alone but…

God Is Good.

It is in the midst of the unknown that I have found the most peace. This experience has allowed me no choice but to trust Gods plan, his guidance and leadership completely. To surrender all my old plans, to place all my hopes and dreams, all the desires of my heart in his hands… to live day by day or at least month to month.

David was a better king because of his trials and you will be a better version of yourself too. In our trials, God will remind us our strength is never nearly enough but His always is.

I am blessed to be reminded on every new adventure that God has and will ALWAYS provide. To be able to look back on old stories like David and see how faithful God had been even then.

This world will always be in a flux and the only constant thing you will ever come to find here Christ himself.

What are some areas of your life that you grasp onto in fear of letting go? The things you hold closest to you are the things that can keep you in bondage, keep you from feeling a peace God has to offer.

I encourage you this week to take time, even if its just a day and think about all your dreams and desires then surrender them down at the foot of the cross. Merely say to the Father, “whatever happens, Thy will be done” then let it all go.

Keep the faith my friends.


Claire Idelle

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