Peace. Love. Freedom.

Hi In Fine Fettle readers, remember me…?

Author of this fun page, striver of living this life in “good health” and “good spirits,” lover of health and fitness,  last but not least… college student.

I know it’s been a minute since i’ve jumped on here so I figured I could share a brief description of my “niche” incase you have forgot or for you new readers out there. Thanks for joining us.

Do you believe that we serve a humorous God?

Well, I do. And today especially has me to believe so…

The Giver/Creator of Everything

This statement doesn’t come from any sermon i’ve heard about God’s sense of humor. Nor any theological book that some author much smarter than me listed as Him having some immutable laughter but rather me concluding this thought because of personal experiences and maybe with a little backup from God’s word too…

Now, first before I get any contradiction or hate from this thought process I must state that I do not believe that we have the same sense of humor that God does.

If Genesis 1:27 says that we are made in God’s own imagine then this must mean that of those living in faith, the majority of our qualities and character somehow are a reflection of God. Although, with our sinful nature our qualities are a skewed misrepresentation of His true character.

As Psalm 126: 2 says that when God restored Zion God filled the people with LAUGHTER and joy.

Peace. Love. Freedom.

Anyway, I tell you all this to ask you if you’ve ever felt like God is sitting up in heaven… laughing at you. (If you believe God doesn’t have a sense of humor though then I assume “no” … you’ve never felt like this; however, if you have felt like this then lets see if we can relate.)

I don’t believe He is ever laughing in a way that is hurtful or condemning to me but rather a laughter of grace and love. 

I am not really sure why but these past few days I have found myself feeling angry to the point where I was taking it out on some of my closest people. And if you were to ask me a few hours ago WHY I truthfully couldn’t tell you.

I came home from my workout this morning (which, ALWAYS seem to go so much better when you’re angry amirite?) haha but no, really the only thing that ever accomplishes is a really sore and tired body, inside I still felt the same. So… moving onto the next thing on the agenda I opened up my devotion unprepared for what God wanted to tell me.

The top read something like this:

Let Me Infuse MY PEACE into your innermost being…

But if you know me than you know I am stubborn and I kept reading thinking “ya, peace. cool. this isn’t something i need right now. bla bla bla” 

This PEACE that grows within you is not something you, (insert name here), can accomplish through self discipline and willpower…

WAIT… what can I not accomplish through my own self discipline and willpower?

Sadly, this was the sentence and the thought that it took for God to grab my attention and bring upon my understanding of this anger that I’ve felt inside me.

It is hard for me to admit my neediness because of this obsession I have with being a strong, independent, bold, powerful and fierce woman. 

I strive to be a women like Esther, who had enough strength and courage to lose her life approaching the king (also her husband) without being summoned to save her people, the Jews. Or a woman like Abigail who although married to a fool (Nabal, which literally translates to fool) goes behind her husbands back and humbly approaches David to beg for mercy on her household and fix the damage done by Nabal.

After reading and… rereading again my daily devotion I found that the reason I was upset and angry wasn’t because there were things in my life that I have been trying to take out of God’s hands and into my own. But instead, angry that these matters I took into my own hands I was FAILING at… horribly.

(hints why I believe that I serve a humorous God that can almost roll his eyes and giggle at my attempts to control areas of my laugh and why we can EVENTUALLY laugh together when I finally realize what I have done.)

“Let Me Infuse MY PEACE into your innermost being…” I reread… Peace. Freedom from disturbance… quiet and tranquility. This song, Tremble, came to mind and I had to stop mid-prayer, pull it up and just really focus on the lyrics… feel free to stop and do the same linked here:

Peace, bring it all to peace… the storm surronding me, let it break at your name.

Still, calm the sea to still. The RAGE in me to still. Every wave, at YOUR name.

Jesus, you make the darkness tremble.

Jesus, you silence fear.

Jesus, your name is light that the shadows can’t deny

Today, I was reminded that God will take us along certain paths to highlight our neediness for Him. Sometimes God places us in situations to show how irrelevant our strengths are and how prominent His can be.

Are you angry today like I was because maybe you have forgotten these things today? Do you believe that through the difficult journeys God can accomplish His best work?

A gift above all gifts is realizing your neediness for God and yearn to know him intimately.


Claire Idelle ღ

One thought on “Peace. Love. Freedom.

  1. T. R. Noble says:

    Wow, that’s pretty deep, Claire! A few days ago I was focused on how self-control only comes from the Holy Spirit it is not something we can create in ourselves and it made so much sense!


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