HIIT’in It

Hey you!

Look, it’s been only 3 days since my last post and I am already back at it with another one. (This is huge. Do not get use to this. haha)

“…Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”


In church a couple weeks ago, our pastor challenged us with two really important questions that i’ve honestly had to chew on for a while:

  1. Who am I as a believer?
  2. How do people see your ministry?

These questions are not ones that you can answer one time in your life and then walk away from. These are two important questions that I have to ask myself every single day.

Let’s be honest… every day we wake up to something or someone disagreeing with us the way we think or the way we dress, because of the picture we posted on Instagram or the tweet we made on Twitter.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to please everybody because in the end someone’s still going to be unhappy.

So whatever side you are on, whether you are in disagreements with someone or someone is at a disagreement with you remember that God is the ultimate Judge and that as for me, the “believer,” I am here to:

  • Share my story.
  • To love others.
  • To live out my faith.
  • AND to let God do the rest.

Side comment: Before you start wasting so much time on people’s approval or caring so much about what other people think remember…

Jesus was  P E R F E C T, yet people still hated Him.

As for ministry, God is slowly teaching my heart to understand that I am the ministry and where ever I go-the ministry goes. He is reminding me that it’s not always about going out and doing the most extraordinary things for other people but rather sometimes all it takes is to just love those around you right now.

I started In Fine Fettle in hopes to someday make a profit off of it but of course, God laughed because all along He knew He would be using it for something greater and I thank Him every day that He has.

Moving into my HIIT workout from yesterday, I swear it’s a good one because I was sweating so bad.

Go quick but do it right.

I also wanted to mention that I did 8-10 minutes of jump-roping for a little extra cardio beforehand so go watch and more importantly GO DO.

HIIT workout

Hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful week!!

until next time



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