A Happy Morning Leads To A Happy Day

Welcome back to the blog you!

The sun is shining and it is such a beautiful Thursday here in Toledo, Ohio. It is days like today where it seems like God just makes it that much easier to feel blessed.

I wanted to announce to you all that the NEW Pura Vida anklets that I ordered are in and I am so excited for you all to see them!

For those of you that don’t know me or are new to the blog, I am a representative for Pura Vida bracelets! These are not just your typical friendship bracelets either… they are a movement symbolizing the simple things in life.


Pura Vida translated in Spanish literally means “pure life” and they created this brand to encourage people to appreciate life’s most simple treasures! They encourage people to slow down, celebrate good fortune and refuse to take anything for granted.

This company started with a couple guys living in poverty  and a little hope. Now 200+ artisans depend on steady income in positive working environments, thanks to the support of  you and I, the average Pura Vida Bracelet customers!

This company has also partnered with charities around the world to help raise support for them and I just could not stop falling in love with what they do. I felt like this company really supported my motto of living life In Fine Fettle – in “good spirits” and “good health.”

If you wish to order some of these bracelets then use my code: CLAIREZALESKI20 at checkout and earn 20% off. BUT if you would like a bracelet now then I have also ordered some of these bracelets to sell at my mothers shop in Van Wert, Ohio or up at Toledo. She knows you are coming so just go and ask for Julie and she will show you the collection!


The address is:
312 S Shannon St. Van Wert, OH 45891

How To Have A Happy Morning

Now, getting into todays post I just haven’t had a lot of time to write and do a long post this week so I wanted to find a topic that I thought could be short but still hold a lot of value.


So, here I am, top of the morning BEFORE morning coffee (or during), no makeup, messy bed, wet hair, no filters… and I couldn’t think of something better to stress today than the importance of a meaningful morning routine. (This is what real life looks like, lol)

 If you think about it, the way you start your morning is also the way you set the tone for the rest of the day.

After reading my last post: How To Balance: A Multi-Passionate Soul, you know that I am not really one who likes “routines” and I know I am not the only one out there that battles this.

If we are being truthful I hardly even consider my mournings a routine because each day still comes something different; however, I do keep a few things consistent… one thing in particular, my morning devotion.

Every day I wake up, whether I am feeling happy, sad, frustrated, whatever the feeling… I make it a point to start off my day focusing on the Lord.

Let’s be honest, life is messy and it is not always sunshine and roses and we aren’t always necessarily “happy” with our current life circumstance and that is OKAY. When I think about life circumstances that song: Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells, comes to my mind and I just love his quote:

When you are on the mountaintops of life learn to bow low and when you’re in the valleys of life, learn to stand tall.”

If you feel like you are going through valleys right now I know it flat out just sucks… but I also want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I know because I have walked through the valleys too and the only way I got through it with my head lifted high was truly by the help of my Father, Jesus Christ.

It was in the valley, where I felt like I had nothing and was almost empty that I really put my faith in Christ and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.

***Side comment: that was not where the blog post was heading in any way but I just really felt God tugging on my heart to say that and if those words were for you and you feel alone then PLEASE message me. Through email, text message, Instagram or Facebook messenger, whatever! I would love to be praying for you specifically.

I would also encourage you to take the time to open your bibles and read through the book of Psalm. Psalm was written by multiple authors but throughout the 150 “chapters” it covers some great life questions like:

– How to remain godly in the face of great trials.

– Questions about the injustices of the world.

– Dealing with depression and despair.

– Facing our own mortality at the end of our lives.

– Why God allows suffering.

– Repentance, forgiveness, mercy and the reconciliation of the whole world to God.

ANYWAYS, ever since I have started doing a morning devo my days seem to be a lot more meaningful and filled with a lot more blessings.


No, I don’t mean that because I start my morning with a devotion God is blessing me more necessarily. What I am trying to say is that because I have started my morning with Him I am better suited to SEE and glorify in my blessings each day, even on the hard days.

I will link the morning devotion that I do each morning here: Jesus Calling

Why start a morning devotion?

  1. You start off you day with Direction from God, instead of trying to take life into your own control
  2. God wants you to be a devoted Christian.

    John 4:23 “But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.”

  3. You gain strength, to conquer the day

    James 4:8 “Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

  4. You grow more like God

I found that morning devotions just help to start off in a positive attitude and remain positive throughout the day. When I don’t have time to really dig into my bible in the mornings, just a simple prayer and my morning devotion is perfect medicine for a happy day.

Hope you all enjoyed todays post and try setting aside some time in the mornings to just be devoted to Christ and watch how your days will begin to change.

until next time





3 thoughts on “A Happy Morning Leads To A Happy Day

  1. T. R. Noble says:

    Amen, IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY! 🙂 I love the sunshine and gentle breeze. I keep forgetting you live in Toledo cause I’m close to you. You are the first blogger I actually could meet up with, which would be awesome! I’ve never met anyone in my blogging community before, and I so want to.

    Way to go at getting up early! I’m such a night owl…I really want to start to get better. I need more fruit of self-control.

    For the past couple of months I’ve been turning a lot to Psalms for my nightly reads. Last night I read Psalm 55, which was all about a prayer pleading out to God and it really spoke to my heart. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • T. R. Noble says:

        :o! That would be awesome!!! The main issue is I have huge driving anxiety (so my husband would be driving me), but I thought about maybe meeting at the mall (cause it’s so huge and very easy to find a place to meet up and chat) at some time. Right now, my schedule is a little rough, but I would love that! That would be really wonderful!


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