It’s Simple, you either do it or you don’t

Happy Thursday everybody!

This week I am so so so excited to share with all of you guys my next step to not only a summer body you will love but a lifestyle you will learn to love also.

But first, a little updates on my life:

I am officially a representative for Pura Vida bracelets and I am so extremely happy! Pura Vida translated in Spanish literally means “pure life” and they created this brand to encourage people to appreciate life’s most simple treasures!

Pura Vida encourages people to slow down, celebrate good fortune and refuse to take anything for granted… aka living life to the fullest each and every day!

Not only does this fit into my motto of living a life in “good health” and “good spirits” but all the bracelets are donated to a certain charity collection that they have partnered with around the word and they dream to do more!

If you’re interested in ordering some of these bracelets then use my code: CLAIREZALESKI20 at checkout and earn 20% off. I have also ordered some of these bracelets to sell at my mothers shop in Van Wert, Ohio or up at Toledo. So, if you would like a bracelet but wouldn’t like to pay for shipping please email or text me and I will get you hooked up!

Abs + Cardio

Now if you have been keeping up with my blogs then you know I have almost been doing a series on the steps I am taking to living a “healthier” and “happier” me (especially in regards to summer coming fast).

Again, I started this blog with the intentions to sharing my insights on living a life in “good spirits” and “good health” but like they say, you learn something new every day.

So in that case, as I continue learning I also continue re-evaluating so that I can keep you up to date too.

If you guys are seriously considering a life-style change and really want to spend this summer being confident in yourself please catch up with my last 2 blog posts!

If you only follow this workout plan, you will NOT get the results you could get from being conscious of how you spend your time and choosing a healthy diet… (the most important thing of all to living a healthy lifestyle and for reshaping your body, if you want that)!


Anyway, as the weather starts getting warmer and making running a little more bearable I have decided to really pick up my cardio. Running is great for losing body fat (along with a balanced diet) and increasing lean muscle. Oh, would you look at that… exactly what I am after haha!

Goal: my goal is to get one mile in 6:45 seconds my the end of this semester (3 weeks of intense training)

Since, I am looking to bring more definition to the muscles I have been working at all winter long I want to run at least 5-6 days a week and am going to take my lifting weights down to 2-3 times a week.


Now onto the fun(ner) stuff…

First, I found this quote and I cannot stress it enough:

Abs: Made in the gym, Shown in the kitchen, Earned… through hard work and dedication

Typically my workouts vary all over the place, never doing the same workout twice. Not the same workout that week… not that month… heck I might not even do the same workouts twice in one year! haha

Abs I treat a little differently though because I work them every day I work out and I know when I feel the burn (those reps I typically keep in my ab circuit) or what I just like better. I have created one week of ab workouts that I want you guys to continue to complete for the rest of this month!

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 10.43.30 AM

Click here to print: weekly-schedule-sunday-to-saturday 

Helpful linked videos:

Leg raise w/ knee tuck

1/2 bicycle crunch (with a cat interruption)

Single leg raise

TRX pull up (actually suppose to say ROLL UP… whoops)

10 straight high + 10 middle + 10 low (NO BREAK)

Closing Statements

Even if you might not be able to run a mile yet, or do 25 crunches… that is O K A Y! It doesn’t matter where you start it matters IF you start. Everything has modification, whether you’re sprinting a mile or walking a mile, just get it done! The only thing better than having dreams is working to conquer those dreams and do the things you once couldn’t.

It’s simple… you either do it or you don’t.

2 thoughts on “It’s Simple, you either do it or you don’t

  1. Phase_Blog says:

    I’ve always struggled with ab workouts, I never know if it’s working or not, as I never see any difference!
    I’ll try yours though, it looks really good Maybe I just wasn’t doing them frequently enough!


  2. T. R. Noble says:

    I’ve learned what works for me is variety in workouts. I like the YouTube channel BeFit and Fitness Blender. On BeFit I follow Denise Austin’s workouts. I started at the beginning of this year and I am gradually seeing a difference. I only do workouts at least three times a week, and I’ve been working on eating healthier.


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