Seafood diet. Where I see food and eat it.

Happy Happy Easter everybody!

I don’t know about for your guys but Easter this year was definitely a strange one for me!

First, I actually missed my family Easter that we celebrated together on Saturday because my boyfriend had a “dinning out” dinner for his air-force ROTC program at Ohio State. (for any of you non military people it just means outsiders “like me” were invited to this little banquet type thing, to show support and enjoy some yummy food.)


Second, here is a picture of me along with my aunt, uncle, and cousins at church on Sunday for Easter! My brother, Preston, went in the ER for random swelling with my mother that morning and they were there from around 4a-7a and came back home exhausted and decided to stay home. Update: everyone is fine and we all enjoyed spending the rest of the day together.


What a blessed day, my heart felt so full with seeing my family and for celebrating the day that the Lord rose up from the grave, was dead but is now alive!


I hate the word diets.

Diets for me have such a negative connotation and always seem temporary until you hit some goal so I like to refrain from using that word at all. A few Monday’s ago I mentioned summer coming up and gave you all two things to be conscious of:

(1) How you are treating your mind, body, and soul.

(2)What you’re putting in your body.

That was for our next topic on the agenda, everybody’s favorite, our nutrition (aka diet)! *huge sarcasm

I wrote in one of my first published blog post, Junk the Junk Food, some tips for creating a healthier meal plan for yourself. As summer approaches, I have revised some of the tips due to taking a Nutrition class this semester and wanted to re-share them with you guys.

Whether you want to gain weight, maintain weight, or lose weight your meal-plan is where it all starts!

I know a lot of people that want to lose weight immediately turn to exercise and although that helps, it’s not enough. Which, is why this is the second step I have taken to living a healthier and happier me!

Healthy Eating Pattern:

  • A variety of vegetables from all subgroups
  • Fruits, especially whole fruits
  • Grains, at least half of which are whole grains
  • Fat-free or low-fat dairy, including milk, yogurt, cheese, and/or fortified soy beverages
  • A variety of protein foods, including seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, legumes (beans and peas), and nuts, seeds, and soy products
  • Oils

Meal Plan Tips:

Tip 1: Don’t drink your calories. Just because it has “orange” or “apple” before it doesn’t mean it is healthy. Limit yourself to drinks other than water. If water tastes boring to you than try adding lemon, apples, cucumbers or oranges to spruce it up. Milk is an exception and is essential to our health, so be sure and drink a cup a day or get that dairy in a different form!

Tip 2: Grilled over fried foods. Grilled foods have a reduced fat content and also fewer calories!

Tip 3: Variety. Being a college student on a meal-plan, I really lack in this area. Variety just means choosing foods from ALL the food groups (grains, fruits, protein, veggies, and dairy).

Tip 4: Balance. Try and eat more nutrient dense foods; which means that our nutrient need for that food exceeds its contribution to our calorie need. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all the “enjoyment food” in your diet like some people do… just remember to have b a l a n c e. (remember, we don’t want something temporary but rather something that lasts forever.)

Tip 4: Calories. 1 pound of fat= ~3500 calories. If you are looking to lose weight, one pound a week is what is consider “healthy-weight-loss.” If you’re looking to gain weight or lose weight the same rules apply, remember one pound of fat=3,500 calories and if the recommended amount is 2000 in a day you will need to eat 3,500 more calories within a week to gain a pound. If you are interested in tracking your calories I have the MyFitnessPal app and it’s super easy to use and I love it!

If you guys follow me on Instagram then you probably saw my rant about doing this “health stuff” not just til summer (although that is my current goal and focus) but rather for the rest of my life. I want to live a healthy lifestyle and most importantly, I want to love every second of it.


Again, if you guys have these common goals and mind and would like maybe some motivation and encouragement or to join this community then put your email in below.

I hope you all have a great and lovely week!

I am so excited for my next post because I have some exciting news to share so stay tuned and God BLESS!



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