25 Day Beach Bod Challenge



Okay guys so it’s 12:30p, my alarm is set for 5:45a and I have just been inspired to write yet another blog post. So, what’s the rationale here… stay awake, regret it tomorrow because YOU my lovely friend, come first. ❤

Since spring break is just around the corner for you college students and what… prom for you high-schoolers? Oh, and for all you other “aged” individuals… yes, don’t think I forgot about you; this is just a little challenge to start some beginners strength training and tone those muscles!

This workout challenge will NOT include any weights and will be directed solely on body mass exercises!

Along with my weight workouts I wanted to add these routines in (personally my less favored exercises) either right when I wake up or before I go to sleep. I have an extremely difficult time forcing myself to include these body-massed exercises in my workouts so I figured now would be a great time to start (especially with spring break coming up)!

Accepting this challenge will not result in seeing MAJOR changes right away but you will begin to develop strength and it doesn’t have to stop there. I do want to say that I am so happy we are doing this together because something is better than nothing and everyone has got to start somewhere! So… will you join me on this 25 day Beach Bod Challenge? Will you guys go ALL IN and commit to these 25 days?!

***Note that you should do this challenge to fit your schedule meaning, if you’re extremely busy on Sunday but not as much on Friday than just flip flop the days!

25 Day Beach Bod Challengee

I would LOVE to hear from those who ARE committing to these 25 days with me so that I can be supportive of you journeying through this with me and praying for the motivational drive it may take to stick with it!  Please head to my Contact page and just shoot me an email saying you accept the challenge or to any of my social media pages (direct links listed below) and shoot me a DM! I can also send you a PDF of the calendar so you can print it off or use it however you’d like and see it better!

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter.

I’m so excited to start this journey with you all today and cannot wait to see what comes of it! P.s if you enjoy this blog and would like a notification for when I post scroll down to the bottom of the screen and enter in your email!

Good luck in completing DAY 1 my friend and if you have any questions on how to complete an exercise I have listed below a few links of the exercises that I thought may be questionable (you can always search youtube also for any not listed)!

Plank Crunches

Donkey Kicks


Inch Worm

Bicycle Crunch

Pulse Ups

Fire Hydrants


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