Well, Its Not Going To Lift Itself

3 Reasons Why People Don’t Strength Train

#1: “Everyone is staring at me” // Not to make any of you feel insignificant but as a regular “gym junkie” I promise that most the people their are way too busy with there own workouts to notice you.

#2: “I don’t know what I am doing” // Google it.

#3: “Weight-lifting =  Hulk image” // Okay, so yes the point of lifting is to build muscle but this doesn’t mean that you are going to turn out like a bodybuilder after a few reps.

#4: “Intimidation” // Find a group of friends to go with you if this is a fear for you! This can also help with accountability.

5 Reasons To Start Strength Training

#1 Turn Those Flabs to Abs // Don’t you want a more “toned” look?

#2 Increase Self-Confidence //  Don’t worry. Be happy.

#3 Help your Heart // Lowers blood pressure. Lowers cholesterol.

#4 Stress Buster // 90% of all doctor visits are for stress-related illnesses

#5 “Anti-aging” // Increases muscle and bone density

Today’s Workout

“Don’t punish yourself because you hate the body you have. Take care of your body because you love God that gave it to you.”


I brought my camera and tripod this morning to the gym; which, I can honestly say made me feel pretty stupid. However, I wanted to do it for all you lovely followers! After I started looking through all the videos that SHOULD be there I realized that I messed up…

It was too early I guess… everything that I tapped didn’t actually work and I apologize dearly for this. If you have any questions feel free to message me, also I get a lot of my workout ideas from Laura Coppersmith so you can also search around on her page for most of my exercise ideas too!

Today’s workout was all about time, if you need to stop and take a break for any of these exercises take 3 seconds and get right back into it.

Warm up // 5 minutes

Jump Rope:

Legs together (2 min)

“Running” (1 min)

Double spin” – Jump once, twirl the rope twice (30 sec)

High Knees (30 sec)

Butt Kicks (30 sec)

Speed (30 sec)

Exercises // ~17 minutes (x) 2 sets


Bulgarian Split Squats (1 min/leg)

DB RDL’s (2 min)

Hamstring Medicine Ball Curls (30 sec)

Box Jumps (1 min, 35 sec)

DB Sumo Deadlift (45 sec)

DB Hip Thrust (1 min)

Hip Abductor- 30 seconds normal, 30 second straight up, 30 seconds leaning forward, take off weight and work the opposite way (3 min)

Hip Adducter- 1 min normal, 1 min leaning forward, take off weight and work the opposite way (4 min)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – – – –


Crunches (1 min)

Side abs (30 sec/side)

Hip touches (1 min)

Plank (1 min)

Cardio // 40 minutes

Stair Climber (10 min)

Zumba (30 min)

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