In Fine Fettle

So many times I get people that come up to me and say, “In Fine Fettle… what does that even mean?” Seeing that I’ve had my blog now for about 5 months if you’re still one of those people that haven’t google searched the meaning yet (admit it we are a lazy breed) or asked me about it in person then I am here to end your agony.

In Fine Fettle originated from an old english word fettle which means “belt.” Some believe that the etymology behind it comes from ‘girding up’ a horse or to ‘make ready’ some sort of machine with a belt. Therefore if something is said to be “in fine fettle” it means that they are in good health and in good spirits, ready to conquer whatever they need to today.

Why I Chose It?


Every blog post that I have made or I intend to make comes from this desire I have to live  this life in good health and in good spirits; so that, when the good Lord calls me home I can honestly say that I don’t have any regrets. So that I can honestly say I did the best I could and if I could go back I wouldn’t change a thing.

The endless pain and suffering that we face every single day makes this such a hard life to live. Whether you admit it or not we are ALL broken and going through something. Whether it is struggling with your self worth or insecurities, your faith, discerning Gods will, relationships, grief, fear, or my biggest struggle… temptation, we all have been there or are there right now!

 Note: I never said I wanted to live a PERFECT life because guys it doesn't exists. I don't want people to look at this blog and see some fake image of my "perfect self" because I AM FAR FROM PERFECT.

Sometimes I too wonder where my life is going and if this is really all God has planned for me. Or I look an a mirror and wish I could just lose a few more pounds because then “I would be happy.” And I always find myself struggling with temptation and seem to always be left feeling frustrated with myself when I once again give into some desire I have that I know isn’t from pure motives.

What In Fine Fettle Is

With all that being said I want to use my life experiences and my imperfections within these blog posts to really reach out to those who WANT to live this life like me, in good health and good spirits! I want to create a like-minded community that shows we are not alone and walk through this thing we call life together.


Thank you

I want to thank all the readers that have been loyal to my blog thus far and has kept up following along with me! You guys are truly amazing and the ones that are inspiring me to keep going with this. If this is your first appearance on the blog then welcome and thank you for checking it out!

If you have any suggestions to what you’d like to see or see more of please comment below or Contact me by clicking on the previous link (underlined). Each one of you is loved and special in your own way, so own all of YOU today. Remember that our imperfections are what makes us…. US.

Happy Tuesday Loves

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