A Big Cheer For the New Year

Hello to 2018


I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the time spent with your loved ones. My Christmas was spent a little different then expected due to Caleb’s visit to the hospital.

Let me just say that seeing Caleb on that hospital bed, drugged up with morphine because the pain was too much to handle was such a humbling experience for myself. I hated that he had to go through that especially on truly the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Here are a few pictures of Christmas that I did more-so enjoy…

Beginning 2018

If you are looking for, “Setting Goals The Right Way to start off this year click the link underlined above. If you are looking for a fun and unique tradition for this year, Shari’s Berries has reached out to me and sent me some step-by-step instructions that I thought could benefit you guys below!How To Make A Vision Board


At first, I was more keen on the idea of this vision board rather than actually completing one for myself; however, after I finally started working on my own I really enjoyed doing so!

I preferred to use something that is a little more visually appealing than just a poster board; however, if you like the poster board do not let me stop you from using that! Putting a sign up for goals you REALLY WANT to hit in 2018 is such a great reminder and can help with accountability too.  I would suggest that you guys don’t wait, let the creativity take over and have a little fun with this activity!


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If you have any questions or comments please enter them below or head over to my Contact page… I would love to hear from every one of my readers! Everyone have a blessed first week of 2018.

Until Next Time Loves 

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