I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Hello Loves

I cannot describe how great it feels to…

  1. Be home after finishing another semester of college.
  2. Be able to celebrate the BEST holiday ever!

No matter how cold the Ohio winter can be, there is just something about being home and Christmas alone that makes me feel all warm inside.

Some “Must Do” Activities for the Season

  • Basketball Games 

  • Cookie Decorating (and eating)



    Toledo gang gift exchange

  • Skiing


Caleb’s (the boyfriend) sweet family allowed me to join them on another great ski trip this year  at, Crystal Mountain Ski Resort in Pure Michigan. We had an early morning on Wednesday to leave around 5:30a and packed up for home around 10:30a on Friday.

This is only my second year to ever go skiing (maybe because my dad was a master skier but my mother not as much) but I would highly recommend skiing to anyone who asked. The cool thing about skiing is that it is for everyone and the most difficult thing about it is truly your own fear. Fear of heights, fear of speed, fear of steep slopes etc…  If you are more of a beginner than you can stick to the slower, easier to control slopes which are green. The more confident you feel you can move from green up to blue and then to the black diamond (which is the most difficult).

There is this adrenaline rush that shoots through your entire body and almost leaves your insides bubbling around (in a good way) when skiing down a black diamond. And no matter the age limit everyone can enjoy themselves too! (Honestly, kids were out on the slopes as young as 4/5 years old!) Although, all those things and feelings are great I would say my favorite and the BEST part of skiing is the… Exercise In Disguise factor.

Reason For The Season

If you haven’t had the chance to get to know me personally or check out my About page, then you probably don’t know that I am the type of person who loves being busy. Christmas is right up my alley too because what holiday holds more activities than Christmas?

I wouldn’t say that being busy is a bad thing; however, without a constant reminder, it is sometimes too easy for me to get caught up in the distractions and miss that, “Reason For The Season” factor. So, before you all get too “wrapped” up in gifts and for another good reminder for myself, I wanted to”wrap” up the post with the reason my family and I celebrate this amazing holiday.

A child, Jesus, was born.

Why the uproar celebration for Jesus?

All those activities I listed above are great but the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of God’s chosen son, Jesus Christ, born from a virgin, Mary. Simply put… Jesus was sent to save you and to save me from our sins (1 Timothy 1:15). Jesus is the reason for eternal life (John 6:51) and to bring light {goodness} in this dark {evil} world (John 12:46). To show Gods love for us, his children (John 3:16). But really, Jesus was born to die (John 12:24-27).

Jesus was born, to die.

That’s a “Wrap”

However loves, do not take my word for it. GO and STUDY the Bible, the amazing book that God left for us to see for yourselves. And, while you enjoy the rest of this amazing holiday and head into the new year, try to keep those things in mind and see how you life will change (for the better of course). Thank you all for reading this post, I know it was lanky this week but you are all appreciated greatly for it!


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