With Passion or Not at All



Scrunchies, for keeping our hair out of our tears this week.

For those of you that keep up with my blogs, I apologize for not getting another post out sooner this week. College students, I know you can understand; however, those that do not know the feelings that me and every other college student is faced with right now, let me fill you in on that.


First, I like to believe that we all start to overlook finals week with a positive attitude, “I can do this.” Until Sunday, ironically the day of rest, hits because by this point all are confused and anxious, most are stressed, some are scared or have drawn tears but none are feeling well rested. You get to a point in life where the only thing you want more than a passing grade is to be on break already.

For me personally, no matter the classes I am taking or the pressure I am facing, finals week always seems to drawn up one big question.

Is Nursing really what I want for the rest of my life...?

So many times throughout the day I start considering all the other potential things I could be doing right now instead of stressing out about a few tests that may just determine my entire future.


So are you working for the money or for what you love?

Passion is meant to be felt, therefore, finding your passion means taking action in doing what you love.

  1. Love everything you do. Once you graduate high school although it doesn’t feel like it, you really have the freedom to do whatever you want. College is NOT always the answer (although society is making it out to be that way). Don’t be afraid of taking chances on doing things society thinks is useless. I know it sounds cheesy but try and shift your attention to your heart and not your mind. Pay attention to how certain things make you feel physically because when it comes to your passion, your mind will always be at war with the voices of logic and reason.
  2. Quit talking and start doing. Start engaging more in activities that you love, no matter how old or how young you are it is never to late to end this life doing just that. Let the passion for what you do give you the drive and energy necessary to fulfilling that desire.



Cannot wait until working in scrubs is more than just a summer job.

Passionate people are almost always ambitious but everyone has their own way of showing it. In reality, loving everything you do is near impossible but it is true that successful people are never the victim of their circumstances.

So for me, I don’t LOVE the idea of college and I love the idea of going through finals week five more times even less (aka my current circumstance).  However, the passion that I have to care for people and to serve others as a nurse really is the only thing that gets me through some weeks.

  1. Find other passionate people. What helps me the most in rekindling my passion somedays is to just listen. Hearing someone speak passionately about what they do inspires me to make some changes and do the same.
  2. Unplug. Disconnect from the world for a day or maybe even a weekend, instead of working yourself to the point of craziness. Sometimes it just takes some peace and quiet to get back that feeling for what you love.
  3. Find the balance between being content and striving for more.

Colossians 3:5 “Put to death therefore what is earthly in you: sexual immorality, impurity, PASSION, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry.”

Wait, didn’t that just contradict with the entire topic of this blog post? God doesn’t want us to not have passion, He just calls us to “put to death” our earthly passion. This means stop doing the things that distract us from Him or the things that pull us away from Christ himself (the sinful things of the world). Serve God faithfully then, leave the results to Him.

Thank you all for reading, it feels good to take a break from studying. If you like my blogs and would like an update, insert your email where it says follow. For those taking their finals this week I wish you the best of luck! For those that are just searching for what they love, I applaud you and again… wish you all the best of luck!

Until next time friends!

4 thoughts on “With Passion or Not at All

  1. T. R. Noble says:

    Yes! I don’t miss finals week or college in relation to the constant worry and studying. But wow, I must admit, I have some of the best memories, some even during finals week. I always tried to make sure I took breaks with my close friends so we could support each other. 🙂

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