No Excuses November

***Holiday calories don’t count… right?***


With Thanksgiving in just two days I felt that there was really no better time than now to write about those excuses we give ourselves… especially during the holidays. The excuse you ate good all week so if you want to eat the entire kitchen, you deserve to. Or how it’s a holiday, which mean celebration, which means you can eat whatever you want, sleep whenever you want, binge watch Netflix for however long you want, ignore all your emails and my personal favorite ignore all responsibilities until Sunday night because again, its Thanksgiving for goodness sake.

I’m really not here to tell you that none of that is okay because I will admit, I will not be making the smartest decisions this Thursday. However, after a little thought hopefully I will at least be able to make some smarter decisions. Ones that maybe don’t lead to enormous food babies.

IMG_1827When it comes to the holidays, our family tradition is to have everyone over to our house to hangout and eat ALL DAY LONG. If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting my mother than you’re really missing out because this woman is an amazing host. I honestly pray that one day I can have even half of her hospitality.

Anyway, my mom slaves away all morning to make us a delicious feast and my only desire is to eat every single food item within reach and/or sight because again… holiday calories don’t count, right?

As much as we all wish that to be true sadly the scale never lies… so here are a few reminders and one of my workout plans to get ready for Thursday!


Thanksgiving Tips

  1. Get a light breakfast in before the big feast instead of showing up “starving”
  2. Be picky, only eat the items you REALLY want. If you take a bite and it’s not as good as you hoped don’t feel the need to finish it (well, unless you’re trying to impress the mother-in-law that is)
  3. Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your belly, if you’re still hungry you can always go back up
  4. Drink a lot of water (especially before the meal)

Workout Plan

In regards to Thanksgiving, I really took it upon myself to up my cardio quite a bit last week in preparation. For me my workouts are anything from regular, I can honestly say that I have not repeated the same workout even once this year.

You should be tailoring your workouts to your goals and most importantly to things you enjoy doing.

If you want to grow your legs and glutes… you should hit legs hard more than once a week. Same thing goes with toned shoulders, back, arms or maybe you don’t like a more toned look… if that’s the case than you probably shouldn’t be lifting at all.

If you tried running for a few months and honestly it’s just not your thing, there are other ways to still get cardio in! Go here if you’d like some different cardio options.

(Leg day)

4 mile “warmup” run (if you don’t run regularly or… ever, please moderate this for yourself)

1. Glute bridges 3×12, be sure to squeeze at the top

2. Box squats 3×8

3. Single leg heel elevated glute bridge 10 reps, each leg x3

4. Dumbbell sumo squats 3×12, I loveee these squats

5. Leg curls w/ machine 3×12

Go here to get the video of me completing this workout.

Please comment to let me know what you think or if you would like to see more workouts. If you would like an email when I post go to the bottom of the page and enter your email.

Happy Thanksgiving Loves!

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