Exercise In Disguise


Let me just start off by saying that any exercise is good exercise and just because you enjoyed it does not mean that it wasn’t beneficial!

I am lucky when the unmotivated side of me lasts only a day but sadly I’m not always all that lucky.

Because of the ambitious person that I am, there are very few times that I will turn down an opportunity to try and be the best at something; however, there are days that I (just like you) can hardly find the motivation to even get out of bed, let alone break a sweat.

For when the days turn to weeks or weeks maybe turn to months for you and you still have yet to do something active, call out to the “Exercise in Disguise” method and find activities that make you forget you’re working out!


Zumba Education Specialist, Kelly

On September 30, I had the ability to drive down to Ann Arbor, Michigan to take a 9 hour class and receive my Zumba certification! After the class (well after the class and a long nap), I felt like I was on a Zumba high!

Studies were done to show that the average person in an hour Zumba class loses 500 to 1000 calories. Let me just say that again in case you missed it… the average person can lose up to 1000 calories just by DANCING! And who doesn’t love to dance!?

I know that some of you masculine guys are thinking that you are way too cool for Zumba but ponder this… I don’t know a single girl that doesn’t like a guy who can dance.

Girls, Zumba is a place to express yourself and there is no right or wrong way to dance. If you’re not much of a competitor than Zumba is the way to go! You don’t have to worry about looking stupid because in the end it’s really all for fun anyway!

Another great “Exercise in Disguise” option for me is to “run” to sports when running alone sounds tedious. (See what I did there.)

If I am looking for a little extra cardio in my workout then I look to basketball, swimming, or even cycling. Swimming and cycling are some less intense sports that still get your heart rate up and are great starters for unmotivated days!

In high school, I loved playing volleyball and even though it doesn’t contain a lot of cardio I still found myself to sweat profusely so… that means it was a good workout right?

In college though, a lot of students just want to play for “fun” but I have yet to figure out the fun in that at all. With volleyball,  more intensity=more sweat and since REC volleyball lacks in both those areas I have tried to find some different alternatives.


I have recently found a love for playing tennis (and it gave me a good excuse to buy this super cute Lululemon visor)! I also enjoy riding my rollerbladers (aka-the blades) on the campus trail for a few miles or throwing a frisbee with a group of friends… the list really could go on and on!


2017 Fort Wayne Ultimate Champions

Exercise is so much easier to do when you are enjoying yourself and if you’re a college student than your schools REC probably offers a Zumba class or other fun classes you can go to for free! (In reality means you paid for it through tuition so you might as well get your moneys worth.)

Finding activities you can appreciate even on those passive days when you feel like you won’t last through a vigorous workout is so beneficial! Elle Woods from Legally Blonde says it best when she says, “Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy…”

Please feel free to like or comment on this post with some of your “Exercise in Disguise” methods or if you genuinely just liked this post! I would love to hear some or all of my readers thoughts and suggestions! You can also insert your email at the bottom of the page to follow along with my blog and become notified when I post.

Happy Tuesday Friends!


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