Junk the Junk Food

Go ahead readers, stop and picture that one person that you secretly envy and maybe even hate a little bit because everything about them screams #HealthyLifestyle. I know we all have that one person that we don’t necessarily want to be but who we just want to look like. (Some of the people who inspire me to be more fit on Instagram are @caraloren and @lindsayriding.)

If you are the type of person that loves to exercise as much as you love to eat then we will definitely see eye to eye on this whole health issue. If you are the type of person that would eat a salad every day rather than run a mile than I resent your will-power a little bit.



Class of 2016, Basketball seniors ❤️

Thinking back on my high school years makes me wonder how I even functioned properly… I was a girl that ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

I remember going to the cafeteria every day after school to get ice cream, cookies or even pop-tarts to eat before basketball or volleyball practice would start.

Amazed still to this day on why I thought junk food was a good idea right before suicides and sprints, somehow I managed to eat like that until sports ended and college hit.

New Perspective
I wish I had some really inspirational story to share with you all about how I came to college and one day realized how poor my eating habits were. Then, with little to no effort I decided in that moment to change my entire lifestyle.

Reality check… Being healthy is not a heat of the moment decision, it truly is something you have to choose every single day.


So why did I decide it was time for a change? Well, what finally encouraged me to “Junk the Junk Food” was the endless buffets at college always leaving me to feel miserable and the weight gain.

Granted, it got better after the first 4 months of college when I was tired of eating all the same food three times a day and being able to smash on cookies and ice-cream every meal didn’t feel as great anymore; however, it was still a slow process.

When I spent 12 weeks training for my half marathon I really started to watch what I put in my body because after I ate all the “yummy foods” and way more than the proportion size, it led to an awful 11 mile run. So before the race I decided it was time for a transformation.

I am all for immediate results and after about a week that was what I felt. Getting back to my high school weight didn’t come as fast as I hoped but at least I no longer felt sluggish after a workout or bloated after every meal. I also started to notice an energy increase and mood change the better I ate.


College is a huge barrier itself when trying to  live a nutritious life but remembering these quick tips could create a more confident and cheerful you!

Tip 1: Don’t drink your calories. Just because it has “orange” or “apple” before it doesn’t mean it is healthy. Limit yourself to drinks other than water. If water tastes boring to you than try adding lemon, apples, cucumbers or oranges to spruce it up. I am also starting to try some herbal tea’s (also zero calories) just to change things up but I am still looking to find my favorite!

Tip 2: Grilled over fried foods. Grilled foods have a reduced fat content and also fewer calories!

Tip 3: Spinach. Spinach. Spinach. When it comes to leafy vegetables, the darker the better! After I switched to using spinach for my salads over romaine or iceberg lettuce I actually prefer that now.

Tip 4: Eat 3 meals a day. I know you get busy and sometimes honestly just forget to eat a meal but it’s not healthy! The food you eat is the fuel you use throughout the day; therefore, skipping a meal can lead to tiredness and moodiness. Skipping a meal will also slow your metabolism and lets just say your metabolism is your friend, my friend.

Tip 5: You can’t just count calories. Yes, I understand that calories play a major part in the health world but in order to be healthy you must focus your attention on the full nutrition label rather than only the big calorie label at the top. One of my biggest pet peeves and a great example for this is the McDonalds salad issue. A southwest grilled chicken salad contains 350 calories; while, a cheeseburger contains 300 calories. This is where all you calorie counters are thinking, “You might as well eat the cheeseburger! It’s healthier!” Until you pull up the entire nutrition label to see that the vitamins and protein of the salad are actually double compared to the cheeseburger. (Side comment, who eats just one cheeseburger for a meal?)

**Try keeping your Fats, Cholesterol, Sodium and sugar low while keeping your protein and vitamin intake high.**

Eating healthy is difficult at first like all things, but after you get through the first month you will see yourself naturally start to pick the healthier option. I love learning new health tips myself, so if you have any feel free to comment below. If you liked this post and want to read more insert your email at the bottom to follow my blog and be notified when I post. Next weeks post will be about my Zumba instructor certification so stay tuned!



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