Dorm Sweet Dorm

Hi friends!

So, I know the title doesn’t sound as good as “Home Sweet Home” but in my opinion that is exactly what dorm life feels like, a runner-up compared to home.

When I finally ended senior year of high school I could not wait to get as far away as possible from my small town. I felt so fed up with the all the gossip that spread like wildfire, I was tired of trying to be the person everyone thought they knew.

Then Freshman year at college came and boy did it change my perspective completely…


Landrie (last years roommate) and I took this photo on the last day of school when we finally decided to like one another.

I lived in a dorm with one other girl and two suite mates. We shared a common area, bathroom, and a shower. I know… I didn’t ever have to experience a community bathroom so why was it so bad? Well, let me just say this, dorm rooms get really gross really fast and that privacy thing… you ought to just kiss that idea out the window.

I didn’t talk to my roommate or suite-mates in the beginning and although we had our own shower nobody would clean the drain
so hair just layered up after a while. With four girls meant 4x’s the amount of hair covering the entire room. If you’re in college then you know that to-go boxes can be a wonderful thing (for those not in college you get to-go boxes in the dinning hall for meals). The key word being “can” because after about 3 of them only partially eaten in your trashcan the smell isn’t great; however, is anyone going to take out the trash? No, because everyone feels as though they do it every time. After a long studious day you have the idea to come back and take a nice long nap without being bothered… WRONG. The chances that you will actually get the room to yourself can be very slim depending on your roommate.



It feels as if the negatives could go on and on…

Fast forward to sophomore year, still stuck in a dorm but with a much more optimistic look! Before school started my roommates and I communicated on what to expect from each other and came to an agreement on things like who could stay over and some privacy issues. To say the least this helped tremendously and has really made me appreciate the dorm life a little more.

So before you soon to be college freshman are scared away let me share some of the best things a college dorm will offer you:

  1. Friends…There is always someone at college looking for another person to help them with their homework or study. Chances are though they might actually end up being smarter than you which means you get to copy them or ask them for help!


    Here are my three new friends (and roommates) for this school year!

  2. Convenience…You literally get to wake up with only enough time to brush your teeth and walk to class. Occasionally you may need to wake up a few minutes before that to make a hot cup of tea or coffee because you stayed up way too late but there is no headaches over traffic, parking spots or even tickets!
  3. Personal Forecaster…Ultimately my favorite part about the dorm is being able to look out the window and make an accurate guess on the temperature IMG_5247by judging the other students. I normally like to at least gather data from around 10-15 people before making an educated guess because there is always going to be that one person wearing leggings, a sweatshirt and boots when its still 80 degrees out just to throw off the entire experiment.
  4. Big Mirror…Big mirror means great mirror pictures and I don’t think much more needs to be said about that!

College really is all about perspectives so try and make the most of it because it goes by so fast! Another great tip for all you college students is try to steer clear of keeping snack food in your dorm because self control is hard enough without a box of Swiss Roles constantly at reach! Next weeks post will be about staying healthy so if that is one of your concerns be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and follow my blog by typing in your email address down below! By doing this you can be notified when the next post goes out and I hope you are all as excited as I am!

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